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How to link DMI tables within a Dashboard when Username and Client IP are different for each Table?


I ran into an issue with how I can monitor the SQL Query Operation Times.

We are monitoring Microsoft Dynamics AX, and the traffic flow is like this:

User > AX Server

AX Server > SQL-Prod Listener

SQL-Prod Listener > AX DB Server

I have a Table for each withing a DMI report.

I am trying to tie all this together in a Dashboard
(i.e. 3 tables, select Filter on the first "Users > AX Server" > Update "AX Server to
SQL-Prod Listener" table and filter on "AX Server > SQL-Prod Listener" to update the final table "SQL-Prod Listener > AX DB Server"). However, I can’t see how I can achieve this as
the username, client IP will be different in each table. There is nothing
I can publish to the next table that would keep the filter on the user or
Client IP from the original table. Does that make sense, do you think I
am going about this the wrong way or is there a DMI setting that I could use to
keep the filter of the user from the first table?

Thanks for your help,




Please specify which data views and dimensions you are using in the tables.