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How to list Enterprise Synthetic robots offline?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


I want to list all the robots that I have and see their availability, in a CAS dashboard.

Im using Data views: Synthetic and sequence transaction data, showing the robot names with the dimension "User Name". But seems that I can just list/see the hosts that are sending information to the Agent Manager and to the CAS.

So I'm missing those hosts that are down or not sending information.

Would be great if I could show them even having all their metrics as "-".

The CAS version is 12.3.7



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

For the moment the CAS only shows the elements (Robots or software services or servers, etc) that send information.

On the other hand, you can launch an alert based on the number of operations, there is a check box that where you can configure that the threats as zero when no traffic.

This could be used at location level. You can combine it by transactions and applications, that will let you know when there is no traffic.

Event you can trigger an OS command to reboot the robot that is not sending information


Health reporting for Enterprise Synthetic is planned in the upcoming version (post 12.4) of the CAS.


Mr. Rodrigo,

Yes, unfortunately there is not a way to show those metrics for the offline agents,
but if you are looking for simply a more useful indication of specifically
which agents are offline - you can accomplish this. The way we do this at my
account is by using a universal diagram.

The image is a map and placed on it
are nodes for each agent. Those nodes will become grey if the agent is offline
(the node will not disappear). Also monitored is the overall
performance of the agents by comparing the current response rates to
the benchmark. This diagram to me is very useful because it allows me to quickly visualize which agents are offline and in need of attention, without having to figure out what agents are missing from my metrics sections.

Here are
some screenshots of the configuration in case you're interested. I would recommend using something
similar as it is very handy.

I think that should do it. Hopefully that at least helps with identifying which agents are offline. Cheers!

Thank you. I would accept also this question but seems that is not possible



we created something like a health report as well for daily checking the system. Should look like this

Best regards,


Thank you Friederike,

I have something similar, but the problem is when a host is down is being removed from that report instead of being showed with all the availability info as "-"
Not sure if there is some way to force the report to show allways the different robots (I tried by filtering for specificrobots but didnt worked)