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How to map a custom name/text/ID to a Client IP Address


Hi there,

Id' like to share with you a short article showing you how to "map" some custom text (i.e. Custom Username, ID, custom names etc.) to a Client IP Address or, more likely, to a list of Client IP Addresses.

It's really simple to achieve that, but this works only for versions > 12.4.10:

First thing you need to do is to create a file called "" in the CAS_INSTALL_DIR/CAS/config inserting your mappings using the following rule:


An example of would be:

And yes, you're done, you don't even need a CAS restart..Just wait a couple of monitoring intervals and your information should come up in the "User name" dimension ready to be used in your awesome reports.

Hope that helps.



PS: before creating the file and applying these rules, please check that the actual user name is matching and you don't have any aggregation in place like "Client from ..."



Thanks to @Miguel M. for pointing me out to the file.

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and tips for DC RUM users!

Keep calm and build Community!


Hi Raff, this looks really good! I have one question though, & actually it would really help with our user counting!

We have a lot of SNAT addresses from the entry point, which talk to the next tier. When traffic runs, we see a lot of unique users, because the SNAT addresses send keep-alive messages to the next tier. Because there is no username, or x-forwarded-for header in these no-op tcp requests, it looks like each SNAT address is being counted as a user.

We have PVU mode enabled, with the option to count all users from all IP ranges ( Because the username is detected (we can break down by actual username in on-demand, or in ADS) - and then it gets aggregated for the main CAS reports - will this file still work?

Also, is it available in 12.4.10 or only versions after that?