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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to monitor custom Oracle Forms?


Oracle Forms - We have some custom forms developed in Oracle. How do we configure DCRUM 12.4 to detect the custom forms? The out of box forms/modules are identified.



When the customer site employs a custom Oracle Forms environment, the OF user login configuration needs to be configured a little differently to fit the customized login app. The other OF configurations are not affected. All other OF configurations are described in the OF monitoring doc here:

Oracle Forms' user recognition configuration for custom OF login is given below. Note that the configuration is based on the default Oracle Forms user login (pictured below), and accommodates one other Oracle Forms login that was encountered at a customer site (which uses a different GUI control type for the user name). All other customized user logins are not supported since they will require code enhancement.

In Rule Configuration for the Oracle Forms software service' user recognition, select OFLogin as the method, provide the label for the user name edit field (in this case the label is "Username").

HTH @maria.odine

Also, here's an OF monitoring configuration doc that might be helpful to you: how-to-configure-oracle-forms-monitoring.docx


@Maria OdineThank you for the detailed document. This is very helpful