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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to set the resolution to 1day ?


The tittle say it all !
I have a CAS Primary and i want to set the resolution at 1 day in DMI
Is it in configuration of the CAS or anything else ?

I attache to this question an image of what I got in my DMI,

Thank a lot for your answers
Best regard,



Hey Killian,

From what I understand I believe it should be possible by modifying the report:

and then selecting the Time tab, and setting a custom advanced time on the corresponding section:

Hope it helps!




Hi @MENAGER Killian,

few questions:

- What kind of DMI report are you showing?

- What dimensions and metrics are used in your DMI?

- How long has this CAS being active and collecting data from AMD(s)?

Ciao, Raff



You're a little bit off I think. You don't need to "Edit" the report to change the time or time resolution.

Check here

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

1 Day resolution should be available from the drop down when you have more than a days worth of data selected in the time range drop down. You may need to wait for the report to refresh after picking a longer time range to see the 1 day resolution.

e.g. if you are on a report - which most are by default, at Period resolutino for 'Today'. chaning the drop down from Today to Last 30 Days, you need ot let the report refresh before the 1 Day resolution is available to select.


Hi guys,
I will explain my goal,
In fact i wanted to set the time range to 1 month and the resolution to 1 day.
In my report DMI, I set the time range to 1 month but I can't set the resolution to 1 day like the screenshot show. I wanted to know why i don't have this option ?

I saw on this page

it's possible to set the resolution to 1 day "when the time range is changed, the default time resolution changes accordingly. For instance, when you change the time range from Today to Last 7 days, the resolution changes from 1 period to 1 day."

@Miguel I also did this solution but when i did it, my DMI didn't work at all. It say "Cannot get data from CAS Secondary, CAS Primary" although i have a data store of 1 month in my CAS Secondary

Thank a lot for your answers,

Best regard, Killian

@MENAGER Killian,

what dimensions/metrics are included in your DMI?

Ciao, Raff

@Raffaele Talarico,
Dimensions :
-Client site
-Fast operations
-Slow operation
-Operation time

All failures are not displayed
Also we put a benchmark data on this DMI with The same Dimensions and just operation time on metrics

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


The baseline doesn't exist for the resolution = 1 day

baseline is calculated every night with the fresh data from the day and
all other data of the storage period (by default = 10 days). The
baseline has 288 intervalle to represent a day of reference, each intervalle is the average of measure of yesterday, the day after .... to
10 days ago. the baseline isn't aggregated on the resolution 1 day.

if you don't use the baseline, your DMI will work.



Thanks for the answer

Hey Jean-Louis,

Thanks for posting this! I didn't know that's quite how the baselining worked. Question for you, though - Are you sure it takes data from all other days of the storage period? I believe if you change the storage period (let's say to 3 days), you also have to change atscon->Advanced Props->rtm_baseline_daysno. Otherwise, it will try to generate a baseline for 10 days with only 3 days of data. Do you know of this behavior?



Number of days taken to baseline calculation can be configured in PCS_REPORTING_PERIOD property on /Atscon -> Advanced Properties Editor.