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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to set up 30 day dashboard that is fast?


A customer said that when they try to build a 30 day trend dash board that it is incredibly slow to render (can take like 20-30 minutes) and then anytime you click on anything it has to re-render it.

I asked if can look at a broader aggregration and the customer said the biggest aggregration option was every 6 hours and that is what they are using and it is still very slow.

- is there a smarter way to aggregrate out 30 day views?
- is this some form of measure explosion that can only be solved by having less inputs in the single report?

please advised smartest way to do it. i can schedule consultant time if need be.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

An example of the report would be great here. There are some metrics that will take longer to process, so it's best to avoid these (anything with 'Unique' in the name is a good start).

One thing I see often done, is reports that are too busy - trying to put everything on the one screen. It is better to implement drill downs, or tabs, so the extra information (often it's not always required) is only a click away for those that want it.

Also at 30days range, I'd expect to see 1 day resolution aailable, that'd help speed thigns up. I suggest one of the metrics they've chosen isn't supported at 1 day, and thus is slowing things down immensely.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Brendan

Current days data is held in memory while all historical data is held in the DB. There is also no 6 hour resolution data held in the DB so they have to be calculated at using the monitoring interval data so they are slower to render. 1 day resolution is stored so that will load faster.

There is a simple way to solve this. You can tell the CAS server to load the data for you report into memory during the nightly tasks. This way the report will load faster. In a recent customer i enabled this for the report load time went from 38 mins to 1.05s

Please note though this will only work for historical data and will not work if your report includes data from the current day. But if you use the time range of last 30 days this will work perfectly.

To enable this when you save your report enable the pre load option.

Keep in mind this will consume more RAM on your CAS so you need to make sure you have enough free and do not enable this for all reports.

This will take effect the following day as it only gets run during the night tasks.

Hope this helps.