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How to suppress the warning message in DCRUM?

I got this message, both customer and I are well aware of what it means.

Back then (hm...maybe like the first 3 of 7 days ever since this message pop up), I still can click the close button and suppress it, but now, it can't anymore, nothing happen even if I click on the close button, and it has nothing to do with browser.

Is there any way to make this dissappear? Right now we are having an exhibition in customer site that showcase all the tech of customer's vendor/business partner, the red color bar certainly didn't looks good on big TV screen.

FYI, I've tried 1) http://your-CAS/DiagConsole#/userprops?filter=*warning , 2) Disable the relevant alert in RUM Console. Both method doesn't work



Hello Chan,

I guess the quickest way is to login with the guest/reporting roles for the time being and later on we can find the way to resolve the situation or also can ask support to help us out.