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How to verify Netscaler traffic on DC RUM


netscaler-data-missing.pnghow do i verify I am recieving netscaler traffic on DC RUM. I am not recieving any data on the Netscaler Tab for the SSL traffic. Is there any custom configuration we need to do for netscaler traffic. I am attaching a snapshot



Dear Rohit,

Did you follow the exact steps from the below link for the NetScaler network configuration?

Have a look on the below link for the best practices for ICA encryption, NetScaler, and session reliability.



Hi Babar, thanks for the response. Yes I have used the exact steps mentioned in these instructions. While I am trying to do tcpdump for traffic validation could you tell me what should I exactly look for to confirm traffic from Netscaler ?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Empty spaces in the screenshot refer to data that can be obtained from NetScaler with AppFlow. Those sections won't be populated from the wire data sniffing.

Do you have possibility to enable AppFlow on your NS? If so - please do it (note you need specific NS license to enable AppFlow) and set up NetFlow collector on the AMD (note you need NetFlow collector license). This way you will get visibility into what NetScaler measured for the ICA traffic, in addition to what could be seen on the wire. In many cases AppFlow can replace packet-based monitoring. Check University video for some more information and the online docs