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I migrated in 12.3.2 and use now the dmi application health status.



i have two questions :

1 - how to keep the time range when I open a dmi  using a drilldown function ?

2 - Is there possible to apply a drilldown on a icon like application performance to open a specfic DMI ?

Thank and best regards


Hi Didier

  1. Not sure I understand exactly what you want to achieve here, but a good idea is to look at the OOTB reports as they have links and drilldowns.
  2. Yes - Do you want to use a map/picture or did you have something else in mind?
    This is what is called a "Universal Diagram" and you can have a map of your DC or your application with drilldown icons on it. 


Hello Ulf,


My two questions are about 'application health status' dmi.

The point 1 is when I launch a new dmi from this wiev,if I set up the option 'time range  report',  I lost my current time range and the new dmi is opened with 'today'  time range.

the point 2 - I am on  'application health status' dmi.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Didier,


For the point 2, you can add a quick link  (at the bottom of the tooltip) - but not a link directly form the graph  :

Edit the report, in the drilldown menu, you can add a quick link for Application Health Status.




hello Jean Louis


thanks - I had found this options but not direct.