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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

IBM MQ Correlation and Identification

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to know that how IBM MQ correlation works and how we can identify if it is working or not?






Community Team
Community Team

Hi Babar,

have you seen the following topic: Correlation for IBM WebSphere MQ Software Services ? 



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Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Also the DC RUM 12.4.5 highlights the new MQ decode which now is able to correlate messages between multiple queue managers and report the end to end transactions. Please see and look for "Superior IBM MQ transaction flow analysis" in 12.4.5 section:

True IBM WebSphere MQ transaction performance analysis requires automated correlation of multiple network conversations between distributed hosts while supporting multiple protocol variations and versions. The new DC RUM decode for WebSphere MQ measures true transaction flow, enabling you to:

  • Go beyond queue manager and queue name monitoring and measure real end-user transactions specific to your applications, extracting meaningful names from the message body content
  • Track transaction flow execution between multiple queue managers and message queues, including client-server and manager to manager MQ models
  • Track transaction flow where transaction identification changes from correlation ID to message ID and where dynamic queues are used
  • Analyze and visualize each individual transaction flow sequence, measuring message transfer time as well as next-hop message relay time, including message flow forks that result in parallel processing on multiple MQ managers

Does this improved MQ decode require the HS AMDs?

Hello William,

According to release notes it should work with the classic AMD.



Hmmm, must be missing something as I originally thought this was only for HS AMDs. In my 12.4.12 classic amds (or MQ software services) I don't see any settings for controlling the generation of ADS data for MQ (which this looks to be)

Indeed the new MQ monitoring decode works with HS AMD only. I'm sorry it doesn't come out clear from the documentation.

Hello @Kris Z.,

Thank you for this clarification.



Hi Kris,

I have a follow up question on this. I am using 12.4.7 with a HS AMD attempting to monitor 2 queues on a single queue manager that i am trying to correlate together with no luck so far. Upon inspecting a packet capture i have confirmed that MSG ID is being used on the reply of the Put and Get. what i am specifically trying to measure is the time from the put of a message on a request queue, to the time of the get of that message off of the corresponding reply queue. Im not sure if there is something i am missing in my configuration or the traffic that is causing this not to correlate?




Please open a Support call and please attach a packet trace from the AMD. That's the sure and fastest way to troubleshoot the issue you experience.

Best reagrds


We're wondering the same thing... but currently using Dynatrace OneAgent (not APM based), running v1.135

We have two hosts running IBM Message Queue and have installed agents on both. We can see that Dynatrace has picked up IBM MQ on each host but we don't seem to be getting any detailed information. There's no indication as to what queues are installed / running or any further metrics for that matter.

Not sure if there's anything else we need to enable as there are no process restarts pending.

We've raised a ticket for this already but thought I'd put it out to the community to see if anyone else has had any experience in this scenario.


Hello @Andrew L.

Basically this post is for the DCRUM, therefore, you can move this question to the Dynatrace Forum.

Let us know whether OneAgent supports MQ or not after receiving the feedback from the support.



OneAgent doesn't support deep MQ monitoring yet. Some unofficial works exist, see (not officially supported). It's an open topic for the future, so a suggestion/product idea on the Dynatrace forum makes perfect sense - see this:

In the mean time, MQ monitoring can be addressed by DC RUM probe (AMD) deployed to sniff in front of the servers (that's what this thread references). Queue and manager names, user names, calling programs (if specified) will be reported, together with transaction times. MQ traffic analysis can also reach deep into the MQ payload to extract relevant transaction names. @Andrew L. please let me know if you are interested in a further discussion/review of what can be done with the agentless MQ monitoring.

Best regards


Sorry, but thanks for the response @Babar Q & Kris Z


I have raised that in the above post link...

Ps) It may be worth pointing out that in the release notes for a recent OneAgent update, it references the IBM MQ monitoring capability. The details of exactly what this offered weren't specified, but it was certainly referenced.