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ICA decode not showing published applications/channels

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I have a software service monitoring a few Citrix servers but I am not able see any published applications or channels. The TCAM agent is installed and functioning. I can see host metrics like CPU and memory but not much more. I made sure that full payload analysis is turned on in the Global AMD settings and I am using the Citrixparser. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi Cosmin

What version of DC-RUM are you running?

Here are a few ideas. If any citrix encryption other than basic or none is turned on you will not be able to see Citrix Channels. You should however see applications.

They could however be tunneling it through SSL and if so you would need the key to see he ICA traffic.

Have you defined both ports 1494 and 2598 in your software service?

For our ICA decode to function it must see the session from the beginning. Have you recently configured this? If so you will need to wait until users are forces to login again. Normally this is every 24 hours but i have been at clients where this has been extended to weekly.

Can you provide the applications.xml from your AMD?



Hey Alasdair,

I'm on 12.3.5 and according to the app team there is no encryption used. Both 1494 and 2598 are included in the software service which was created a while back but the agents have only recently been installed. I sent you the applications.xml file.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

This ended up being a traffic quality issue. Always want to make sure the AMDs can see both sides of a conversation.


Hi Cosmin,

I'm having the issue now. In my case, some application appears, but some are grouped to all others. May I ask how did you verified traffic quality for Citrix?



Hi Kevin,

My issue was related to the filters created on the Endace hardware we use. To check the traffic quality you can use the Traffic Diagnostics report in the CAS or take a packet capture and use WireShark to look for unidirectional traffic, duplicate or out of sequence packets. Since you are seeing some Citrix applications traffic quality may not be culprit here. Is the full payload analysis option enabled for the software service?