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Idle time is very high for monitoring application.



There is one case where customer wants to check if their applications operation time is really high hence they accessed the application in real time to check if they face any delays or degradation in response but there is no delay at all. However, when they checked on DCRUM the operation time pretty high & in which Idle time is measure contributor. Now customer is asking for elaboration on this. How I can prove to them?




Hi Akshay

Idle time is the time during an operation when all requested components have been delivered but the operation hasn't finished. This can be due to a number of reasons.

The client requested a resource from another server, the client was busy processing the previous responses such as a js file or in one particular case i saw a long delay before the FIN ACK was sent. It is also possible that incorrectly defined page assembly settings are affecting this.

This screen should explain the idle time better.

What i would suggest is use the ADS and drill down to the load sequence like above and verify where the delay is occurring. You can also use this to check that the pages are being assembled correctly.