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Ignore Incomplete Responses but still count MQ errors (Websphere MQ)

Is there a way to prevent Incomplete responses from detracting from the availability (transport) metric however still include the mq specific errors?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Wouldn't this setting be what you are looking for?

I thought that setting would do it however when activating the transport level availability settings at the software service level and disabling no response, the incomplete responses were still reducing availability. I can try it again today and maybe give the amds a bounce after putting the change in.

Just tried ensure the global amd settings were set like above (no response disabled) which also gave them a bounce. Still seeing incomplete responses degrading availability.

Just a note, I am currently running 12.4.14 so unsure if this functionality has changed in 2017/2018 but sounds like the disabling of the no response should disable reduction of availability by incomplete responses.

Oh yes. I refer to the HS AMD decode for MQ, that is the AMD 2017. The classic AMD, 12.4, has a completely different MQ decode that is about to be discontinued together with the classic AMD. So indeed the first step for any MQ monitoring is to upgrade to release 2017:-)