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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Improve CAS Cluster Performance


I would like to know if someone has some documentation about how to improve the performance of CAS when working with Cluster Farm.

I already did some configurations like increase the value "DMI_AGGR_ROWS_TO_SEND" and I also know that is possible to increase performance enabling the cluster to work with cache (more details

Besides that, are there any best practices to follow that will improve the performance of CAS Cluster?

PS: I know that my performance is poor because the DMI Application Health Status takes more than 20 seconds to load on the CAS Primary when it is aggregating data, but if I select to see data only from one of the secondary CAS'es, the DMI loads in about 2 seconds.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The only thing has left is going to 12.3 for Report Server Load Balancing ...

Thanks for the reply Adam.

Just one more question, there is a limit to increase the value "DMI_AGGR_ROWS_TO_SEND" or it depends of each environment?

I searched about it, but I haven't found any "warning" about it.


Increasing this params specifies how much data can be transferred from one CAS to another in a Farm. It was designed to preserve CASes performance and not allow them (or rather users) to transfer to much.

So increasing would be rather a response to not receiving all desired huge set of data but decreasing would rather speed up the farm ...


Adam, I was searching and I found the configuration "DELTA_THREADS" in the file. 

Searching in the community, I found that this configuration is the number of threads that the Delta user is able to execute in the database, correct?
So, if I increase this default value, and my database is good enough to handle with more threads from this user, will I increase in performance, once I will be able to get more data with more connections in a shorter period of time?