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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

In DMI / Dimension SWS : HOW to filter with LOGICAL AND

Hi Forum,

I have a special request :

In DMI, I know, for any dimension, how to filter for several options with (LOGICAL OR)

dimension XX = (expr01)|(expr02)|(expr03) ....

But i don't know how to write the sequence to (ANDlogical) all my (exprXX)

I need to do that because i want all users (name and IP) that verify

SoftwareSrv1 .AND. SoftwareSrv2.

And it is not possible to unify SWS1 and SWS2 under SWS3 ... because there are totally and radicaly different.

How can i do / write this in SWS dimension ?

Many thanks in advance.




Nobody ???

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Philippe,

My understanding is that your goal is to display users which DC RUM can see for the software service 1 and for the software service 2. Good news is that it is doable in 17.0.x, please, take a look at my screenshot:

You can see two users for Appsdms1, two users for Appdms6 but only one of them in 3rd section, because only Client from was active for both software services.

To create such report in 17.0 you need to use new DMI feature, called Benchmark filtering. See definition of my report for details: I tried to create the simplest possible report, just to present the idea. However, if anything needs further explanation, please, don't hesitate to ask me for more details.

Keep in mind, that this solution has it's own limitations. You can compare two software services only and result list can not be longer than 100 rows. Good news is, that with DMI improvements available in 18.0 release, your goal may be achieved easier way and without limitations described above. So, perhaps you want to consider participating in DC RUM 18.0 Beta program?

Best Regards