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Increase range of days for backward data on reports.


Good morning,

I need to increase the amount of  time for detailed data on CAS server using (DCRUM version 12.2.1).

  1. How can I increase the period of time to 30 days at least?
  2. How this impact the performance of the Database and CAS server?





1: Under HTTP://YOURCAS/ATSCON there are a number of things you can set - Do this with caution and I suggest you open a ticket with support if you ar not folly aware of what the settings do - Some of them are documented and some are not just as some are related to other things,

ATSCON is also known as "Pandoras box" so don't open it unless your are sure of what you do (wink)

2: Any increase in storage will eventually eat out of your performance pool so you call the shots - If it's speedy today a small increas might not impact but if you already are running at +60%, then I would be very gentle in increasing the numbers - Remember that there is a nightly period that needs to taken into account, not just the interval based processing - Should that nightly job fail to complete, then your on a sliding slope and your CAS will eventually become slow as a sloth