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Install Watchdog Service on custom drive



has anyone ever tried to run the Watchdog service on another drive but C: and can share their experience?

Our customer has installed NAM on 😧 drive and would like to run the watchdog on 😧 as well. The reason behind this is to avoid additional fees for using C: drive, as their server is hosted by an external provider.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I have seen a couple customers do this before successfully. My understanding from them was ultimately it was not worth the effort as it was explicitly unsupported, and every upgrade broke it.

I do not have any details on _how_ they accomplished it.

-- Erik

Thank you Erik for this insights. It is good to know that is possible, even though every upgrade breaks it.

Not much to add to Erik's answer.

In theory I can imagine that you may unregister Windows service. move necessary files to new disk/new directory and register it again manually.

However, apart from the fact that every upgrade will break it, I just want to state clearly that we do neither support nor recommend such action.

Best Regards,


Yes, I understand that this is an unsupported case. I have already got this statement from the support.

However I was interested in finding out whether this can be done successfully in general.

Something else to consider: will the cost of the man-hours to implement this on your own every time you upgrade actually be less than the cost of having it on your C: drive?

-- Erik

Yes, indeed.

Anyhow, the customer has discussed this internally and they decided to leave the Watchdog on C: drive.