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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Internet Explorer 9 doesn't seem to work with 12.4.6

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hey Community,

Have just upgraded DCRUM from 12.3 to 12.4.6, and it appears that the CAS is not accessible when using IE9, but is fine when we use another browser, such as Chrome.

I have looked through the Forums, release notes, and known issues, but cannot seem to find reference anywhere for us stopping support of IE9. Just would be good to know for certain if this is the case across the board, and if so, then would be good to put this information somewhere, maybe in 12.4.x Migrations Good to Know.

This is difficult for the customer, as their SOE uses IE9, and you have to submit a special request to get any other browser, so it will negatively affect adoption.

Would be good to hear if anyone else is coming up against this issues as well?


Matt Lewis



Hi Matt

I can see your point that things like this should be announced in advance, but surely you tested before you migrated :-)?

On the other hand Microsoft themselves doesn't even support IE9 anymore so why should the latest and greatest DCRUM do so?


Hi @Matt,

I believe what you're looking for is just right there:

There's a list of supported browser and starting from 12.4.5, as you can see, the supported IE versions are only 10 and 11. I suggest you to bookmark the following page with such helpful information about supported OS, SQL and browser:

Hope that helps.

Ciao, Raff

Yup - that slipped me.

It's "funny" when Customers lock on a browser like that (I have 2 of them) when they are overly ambitious with all other security things. They often feel it's more "secure" to not update.....

I can't really follow that way of reasoning after having read the Wikileaks files where it displayed corporations that sold subscriptions to zero day exploits with a guarantee that they would provide you access to other machines.

I usually find it isn't for "security", but rather that some internal application is broken/unusable in newer versions of IE and the lock is a choice to sacrifice security for continued productivity rather than invest in either updating the application to work with newer versions of IE or to switch to a browser that is less likely to have updates break a critical application.

-- Erik

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The Release to release changes and differences page mentions the fact that 12.4.5 drops support for IE 9, as well as a raft of other important changes to be aware of when migrating between versions.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Thanks for all the responses!