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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Invalid internal security token

In DC RUM 2017 the components are using an API Token for the internal communication ( )

When we need to reinstall the RUM Console for some reasons a new token is generated. In this case the CAS show up an error message like:

Invalid internal security token. Authorization will not work.

Are we able to reset the security token without reinstalling the CAS?

Dynatrace Consultant and Center of Excellence Expert


You may regenerate the token going to API tokens section in RUM Console , or use the old one , but in both cases finally you will have to edit security.yaml .

to edit the security.yaml please follow below procedure

- stop CAS or ADS service
- go to folder ./CAS/config or ./ADS/config
- edit the security.yaml file in text editor
- change section from " tokenEncrypted: " to " token: "
- copy paste the token into section token: from RUM Console.
- save security.yaml
- start CAS or ADS service

now ADS and CAS should edit the file , encrypt it again , and star using new token.

Thanks Daniel, this worked and helped us so much

Dynatrace Consultant and Center of Excellence Expert


Thanks, this resolve our error security token too. I changed tokenEncryted to token, and copy the value from Rum Console - System Users ► API tokens. And started back CAS/ADS, the command in security.yami remain in "token:" but its still encrypt like before right?

Btw our server undergo MS patching only, why is this error hitting us? Any ideas?

Thanks & Best wishes,

Yee Heng

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The safest method is to do it through the CAS/ADS installation program available from Control PanelProgramsPrograms and Features. This way, you do not need lift encryption from security.yaml.

I'm adding the following to the docs.

  1. In Windows, open Control PanelProgramsPrograms and Features.
  2. Right-click the report server in the list of installed programs and select Uninstall/Change.
    The Welcome screen presents you with options for the installed software.
  3. Select Change RUM Console options and click Next.

  4. The server must be stopped before you can reconfigure it. If you receive a warning; read it and click Next.
    It may take a few moments to stop the software.
  5. Paste the new token or get one automatically using your administrator credentials, exactly as you did during the installation.

  6. Click Next, review the summary, and then click Finish to commit your change.
    Be sure to indicate whether to start the CAS or ADS after the reconfiguration.

Hi Jaroslaw,

Thanks for following up, if possible please have screenshots so we can easy follow thru. We have to reverts the previous changes and apply this way I think. Our client will question if we remove security features.

Hi! Added the screenshots. As you can see, the installer UI contains all the necessary info.

Hi Jaroslaw,

Thanks for the details steps, very helpful. will follow them on the next working day.

Best wishes, YH