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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is There Any Protocols That Show Nothing Using the Traffic Recorder of RUM Console?

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Most of the time, we can see the URL, host/client IP, cookie, agent etc (depending on what you choose in the dropdown list) provided you've selected the correct profiles (HTTP, XML or SOAP)

So is there any type of traffic/protocol that would rendered us nothing even with traffic recorder? So that in the future when I configured decode/analyzer that are meant for those Software Service which traffic is under these protocols, I don't need to go to traffic recorder there to verify the protocol/decode chosen is correct.

(Well....ya' know, sometimes client doesn't know exactly what kind of protocol their application traffic is running on, there is this one time where client told me it is IP x port y and using HTTPS, and in the end I have to tell him that what I discovered using AMD and RUM Console is that it actually is IP x port z and using SOAP over HTTP)




When in doubt, download the capture taken via the RUM Console and analyse it in Wireshark or Dynatrace Network Analyser to look for obscure things. If you think something is wrong with the Recorder, you can always do a manual tcpdump from inside rcon on the AMD.

I'm not sure but I think all protocols that aren't based on HTTP (like SAP GUI, RFC, Citrix ICA,...) won't show up.

I used the wizard only for HTTP based protocols because in these cases it is very use ful. HTTP has so much configuration options that it is really hard to do everything manually. But for SAP GUI, RFC and ICA there are only a few configurable options in the analyzer. Therefore the wizard isn't really helpful and manual software service configuration is much faster.

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