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Is anyone monitoring VoIP?


I have been trying to enable VoIP monitoring, but every time I enable the VoIP SWS it runs the CPU of the AMD to 100%, and dropped packets reaches 50% I was told told there might be a bug in 12.3.5 in this regards so I upgraded to 12.3.8 but I have the same issue. This is only in the test stages so the amount of VoIP traffic I'm sending the AMD is minor. I have a ticket with support opened but I'm not getting very far, so I was hoping to hear from some other customers that they have it working and would possibly have any suggestions.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


VoIP in
12.3.x is problematic and basically beyond repair. 12.4.2 is way better
and should be used in such cases as 12.3.x is causing issues.

Do you have an ability to try 12.4.X?

I've experienced similar, 12.3 VoIP works but only in very specific circumstances - and probably not any you're likely to want to monitor. 12.4 works out-of-the-box thanks to the auto traffic detection functionality.