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Is data compression for NAM DBs recommended and/or supported?

Our DB admin mentioned it might be a good idea to consider using data compression on our SQL Server DBs. The recommendation is of course contingent on NAM supporting this. He

referenced an article which states that performance can improve and data size can be
reduced by using data compression to reduce the amount of IO going to and from
the disk. There is a slight increase in CPU to handle this but our systems have
pretty light CPU so it might be worth looking into for some of the large
tables. Thoughts/Recommendations?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

We do not recommend or support it, as we have not tested it. More information is available in this thread:

-- Erik

edit: I stand corrected, and my information applies only to 2018 GA and earlier; its support is still contingent on the SQL version supporting it

Actually we do support it since 2018 SP1. Whether it is working out of the box or not depends on the SQL Server version you have. If you have 2016 SP1 or later it should be working by default. If you have Enterprise Edition older than 2016 SP 1 then you should set this general property to true to enable it.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

On top of this NAM Server SQL database compression is one of the built-in features in the upcoming NAM 2019 release, which is now in BETA stage. See what else is coming in NAM 2019 and if you're interested in sing-up for BETA to give it a try now.