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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is it mandatory to create amduser during amd installation?


Hi Guys,

while installing the AMD 2017 , it has an option to create amduser during install(which will be used to run amd services) as per below command

upgrade-amd-amdos7-x86_64-ndw-17-00-04-0031-b001.bin --manual --license-type eservices --set-user amduser

can we install without this user creation using command as mentioned below:

upgrade-amd-amdos7-x86_64-ndw-17-00-04-0031-b001.bin --manual --license-type eservices


Himanshu Mor


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Himanshu,

For the hardening purpose you can create your own user otherwise simply run the below commands as per your licensing scheme, the default username/password is also mentioned below.

Below is for the eServices based licensing scheme
./upgrade-amd-17-00-00-1971-b001.bin --automatic --licenses-type eservices
Below is for the DLM based licensing scheme
./upgrade-amd-amdos7-x86_64-ndw-17-00-02-0049-b001.bin --licenses-type dlm
adlex /vantage 

Review the below link for the AMD Hardening.



Thanks Babar for confirming !

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

There are two ways to "not create" a user for the services to run under. One is to create the user in advanced and use this user during AMD software installation. This is used when the services account will be controlled by an external authentication system, such as LDAP. The other is to use "root:root" as the AMD services account. The "root:root" option is specifically recommended against for security reasons.

The adlex/vantage user account used by rtmgate for the CAS/ADS/RUM Console to connect is a separate matter, and is only used by rtmgate to authenticate the CAS/ADS/RUM Console connections.

-- Erik