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Is it possible to rollback the "unpublished" configuration change in RUM Console?


As a DCRUM admin it may happen that someone inadvertently makes a configuration change which is incorrect. And, the "PUBLISH CONFIGURATION" button gets enabled in RUM Console.

But, the Admin does not want to publish the change. Is a rollback of this unpublished change possible?

So, that the "PUBLISH CONFIGURATION" button gets disabled.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Abhishek,

Any un-published change will be saved as a draft configuration. You can delete the draft by going to the Devices screen and selecting the drop down arrow for the AMD that the change will be applied on and selecting delete.


It is. Go to Devices list and each device for which the configuration was changed has the configuration draft icon. Simply open the context menu for each such device and choose "Delete" in Draft Configuration section. Note that the section also contains "Compare with current" options which can be used to see what changes were made but not published for this device.