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Is the custom driver the solution for this case


Hi All,

Currently I start implementing DCRUM 12.4.1 , i have bad traffic according to traffic diagnostics report please see attached report, they give me whole data center traffic .


I need actually to filter this traffic for what i want ,but the problem they i can't filter at spanning level they used brocade hardware .

Currently my customer used 10Gb Fiber NIC card not compatible with custom driver .

Can i eliminate bad traffic using custom driver ?

Can i filter the traffic what i want using custom driver ?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

If the card is not supported - you cannot use the custom driver. You must use the Native driver. All traffic will need to be filtered by the RTM service as opposed to filtered at the NIC.

You could turn off auto-detected services in order to process only the Software Services defined. You could also set the server ranges in the auto-detected services for the servers of concern. The auto-detect settings are in the RUM Console - AMD configuration - near the top of the screen.

Thank you Jhon for replying , can you tell me how to filter the traffic using RTM service .


You can't let the RTM "filter" traffic - it has to process all the packets. I miss-spoke above. If using the native driver the RTM service has to analyze every packet to determine whether it should report it. You can determine what should be reported - all traffic via auto-detected software services, only user defined software services, or both.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The other probelm is that 1/5 of the traffic is unidirectional. If you're sure that it happens only for the part you want to filter out - fine, go as John suggested above. But if after filtering unwanted traffic by RTM process there will be still unidirectional traffic seen decodes of bianry protocols (SSL, OF, MQ) will not work or work incorrectly and other decodes can provide partial results ...

Hi Adam,

i'am looking actually to buy NIC card compatible with custom driver, but my question , can i eliminate bad traffic like as uni-direction using custom driver .