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Is the option 'client port' not available anymore in DCRUM 2017 onwards?

I couldn't find any option of 'client port' during software service creation. Anybody else can show me how to configure client port in advanced configuration of software service.



Hello Wai,

This option is available only to protocols such as X-Window whose client-server meanings are reversed. If you are uncertain, leave this option cleared.

Review the below link.



The weird thing is, in my environment I only has the option of sepcifying 'main server IP address' and 'NLB NAT masking IP address', but there is not checkbox of client port(s)

I am running DCRUM2017 SP3.

Hello Wai,

For which analyzer you are creating a software service?

As mentioned in the document that this option is only available for the X-Window protocol.

The X Window System core protocol is the base protocol of the X Window System, which is a networkedwindowing system for bitmap displays used to build graphical user interfaces on Unix, Unix-like, and other operating systems. The X Window System is based on a client–server model: a single server controls the input/outputhardware, such as the screen, the keyboard, and the mouse; all application programs act as clients, interacting with the user and with the other clients via the server. This interaction is regulated by the X Window System core protocol.

Just check with the Generic, Generic (with transactions), TCP etc... whether you can see this option or not.

The other example is a ICA (Citrix) analyzer where you can find this option.