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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is there a way to import users from a file into NAM Console v2018


I exported my user file form 12.4, then I edited the fie and deleted users that have not logged in for a while. Now I want to import those users into my QA environment running v2018. Is this possible.


That screen should be available in Authentication -> LDAP menu:


I have the LDAP connection turned on, but I need to import 75 users. I do do want to import these one at a time using the import feature in the LDAP . Can I use the user file I exported from 12.4 to import ito v2018? I do not see a "import from file" feature on the LDAP screen.

Just a question, why would you want to import users if you have (them in) an LDAP connection? When they login, they ought to be created if not existing.
I take it you did not upgrade the 12.4 > 17 >18?


This question is for my QA region that I did upgrade 12.4 > 17 > 18. However until now I was the only user in this environment and I used the Admin login. Now I want to allow more users in QA to test and get familiar with the new GUI. With the connection to LDAP enabled, it is true a user can login but they get basic rights. I do not have LDAP Groups for NAM roles, so any new user that logs in becomes part of the Everyone group. I then would need to assign them to additional NAM groups based on their role. I was hoping to pull the user details out of Prod and import them into QA.

If you can't set up groups in LDAP at this time, you could create a local group, and check the 'Assign users by default' box. But I would try to do group management in LDAP.
Either way, I would try to save myself as much work as possible 😉