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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is there a way to set a number of days to retain GenAlarm Logs?

Interested in retaining a years worth of alert log data for audit purposes. Optimally would like to be able to use the alert log report to pull the necessary information out. Was wondering if there is a config option we can set to increase log retention by days?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Not sure about days but you could renmove it from the log cleaner then manage the disk space yourself. You can remove it from the cleaner by editing the RtmJob.LogCleaner.prefixes property found in <casIP>/DiagConsole#/advancedprops

The other option would be to set up a task to archive the data as a CSV.



First let me say that we are running 12.3.5. In this version it should be possible to edit <Install--Dir>\config\

Almost at the end of the file you can change the value for CommonAlarmLog.LogsHistorySize and thereby the number of genAlarmsLog files that are kept.

# the limit of days held in the log
# due to each day is stored in a separate file, the system maintains at most

# that number of log files
CommonAlarmLog.LogsHistorySize = 10

In my company we increased the value to 93 days (=3 months), suppose a CAS restart is needed.
Don't know if there is a max for this value.
Of course the drop down list in the CAS GUI --> Alert Log Viewer will become a little longer but it works.
If there are to many alarms for a day it is possible to change the max size of genAlarmsLog in this file, too (never tried myself).

But you have to be aware that the file is overweritten during every update, you have to repeat the changes afterwards.