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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is there a way to tweak the css behind a DMI report?


We have a DMI report in our War room and after going to 12.4.2 it no longer looks very good in that format. We were wondering if the css is editable, so we could change the font colors and size and some other cosmetic settings.





Hey Brian,

Could you share a screenshot of your DMI so I can see what doesn't work as well? I'm not sure if tweaking the CSS is the best option but maybe we can change some of the section types to make them work better for you.



The issue with the layout change we have worked around by moving some things off. the screen, but what ever changes were made to the report took a large DMI heatchart that use to fit on our monitor and made it not fit. The font colors are hard to see and there seems to be a lot of wasted space. It would be better in future release if there was a designer where these change could be made. I realize that this functionality is probably in the EP, but we are not really interested in rolling that out.

Hi Brian,

As we no longer have heatcharts and we avoid background status coloring at the out-of-box reports we did not tune the new design towards that use case. However, I see the problem and I can assure you we will improve readability of such heatchart reports in upcoming releases. It won't be 12.4.2 but I will work with the UX team to have it ready for the next service pack.

In the meantime, I would suggest to add the following code to the end of the CAS\wwwroot\style\sass\coredmi.css file and clear browser cache.

table.reportTable td.hasBackground .valueContainer {   
color: #004999 !important;
font-weight: bold;

Please note that those changes will be overwritten during upgrade.

You can see how it works at our APM Demo setup:

Let me know if that small modification has improved the readability of this report enough or we should tune it even further.

[ UPDATE ] Please use the CSS definition from the following file: It looks like the engine behind Answers plays tricks on text embedded above.

Hey Sebastian,

Thanks for this, but we are not seeing a difference after putting it in place. I cleared browser cache I even restarted my machine and nothing worked then I tried restarting the CAS.

Any other suggestions on what we should try.



@Sebastian Kruk any suggestions what to try as this change was made, but not seeing an impact on the reports. we tried restarting CAS, deleted browser history, restarted client machines and none of it fixes the issue.



Brian, can you please first confirm if that CSS rule is actually active? See screenshot below from our system. I used Chrome - right-click - Inspect option. The rule is slightly different than in 12.4.2 version I sent you since our APM Demo system runs 12.4.5 where there are some slight changes in the CSS structure.

@Sebastian Kruk the rule is there, but it does not like the syntax.

Please put minus sign between font and weight. Looks like formatting engine in this portal played a trick on us.

@Sebastian Kruk

the css file has the following entry already.


Still need some help with this as we made the change and we are not seeing any difference.


It looks like it is there, but there is an error with the bold value.