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Is there any plan to allow DCRUM Components to Run on LINUX like App Mon?


We are trying to make a decision on licensing our APM Farm for Linux. We want to move all App Mon to Linux, and it would be nice if DCRUM supported this as well. Is there a Roadmap for support of Linux for DCRUM? The AMD's obviously already are, but when will the rest of the components?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I'm not aware of any... perhaps an Enhancement Request?

-- Erik

We are looking into that but without any commitments at this stage. DC RUM tightly depends on Microsoft SQL Server and with this announcement we might be a step closer. We wait for the SQL Server on Linux to test if it will work for us.

In the meantime, I would like to learn how many of our existing customers (and maybe future prospects) would be interested in running all DC RUM components (CAS, RUM Console) on linux and only have SQL Server running on a Windows box?

Hey Sebastian,

I can add that when using Chef automation, Windows can be finicky and quite a pain. The AMD automation was a piece of cake where the windows components took hours to figure out. I'm not sure with Ansible, Puppet, whatever flavor, but I'm sure Chef-using customers would appreciate the OS flexibility.


We would love to have all DCRUM Components run on Linux as we have several team members who are former high level Linux system admins. We fully support this feature request.