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Is there any way to make empty rows visible on the DS DCRUM dashboards.


for example, PBS application have no data most of the times. its simply disappearing from the Dashboard Instead of showing any empty rows , In such cases, Apps should display empty rows



A benchmark-assisted report could account on inactive monitoring intervals. Please, adapt the attached report (load of webapp app

Hi Roman,

Can you explain bit clear how Benchmark assisted report will monitor monitor inactive(empty) intervals.

And we have created report with Operation time for each 5 minute intervals (color rendering with benchmark).Attached screen shot of report


Please, import the file Load of WEBAPP app.xml of the with the help of the button Import from file of the panel Export/Import Reports. Then specify the expected application for the benchmark dimension Application of the report Load of WEBAPP app.

Unluckily, the report Operation time exceed 150 illustrated under the result could not screen inactive intervals.

Hi Roman,

Unable to import the report it showing error "

Load of WEBAPP app: Unknown structureVersion: 19

Attached screenshot. As its NAM2018

yes i shared for example report Operation time exceed 150 has no empty intervals

The archive contains the report dedicated for the NAM server 2018.

Hi Roman,

In App-load-ver-2018 report i can only see the Benchmark related Dimensions. And didn't see any current data Metrics(operation time/operations). Not sure how to add in my reports.

Attached exported report, empty intervals test.zipin this report i need to show the empty rows visible of applications. Can you please check does it possible or not with this report.

If possible please modify and share the same report.

The archive folds the adjusted version of the report empty intervals test2. It reveals for the range Last one hour all monitoring intervals for the business application App 1 along with the current and baseline metrics.

Intentionally the adjusted report is able to screen only a single suite of dimensions values given by the benchmark filters. In other words merely a single row distributed over intervals.

The below illustration documents a particular result.