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Is there any way to monitor ONEAgent metrics in NAM?



I created some of the JVM metrics in OneAgent using JMX plug in editor.I created dashboard for those metrics,I am able to see the result also.while creating custom alerts those metrics are not reflecting. I am unable to create custom alerts for those there any way to configure alerts for those metrics using NAM or any other way?


I'm afraid there isn't.

It is possible to implement custom data view which could hook up to any API endpoint (we just did a proof of concept for Elastic API data view) to render data in DMI and NAM alerts are based on DMI engine...

Though it looks like an interesting idea, we currently don't have plans to implement DMI data view that could consume Dynatrace API. I think your particular use case would be better resolved within Dynatrace.

for this I checked with dynatrace also.people told that the functionality will be added in is on roadmap .my AIM is need to create alerts for custom metrics.other wise no use for creating custom metrics.