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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

LDAP authentication slow



We have NAM Console and NAM server 2018. We use Active Directory for authentication.

I found that sometimes the ldap authentication is quite slow (i.e if I log in to Console/Server using my AD userID, it may take me 20s, while it takes me only 2-3 seconds if I use a local account; and after I log in Console/Server using my AD userID, if I log out and log in again, it only takes me 2-3 seconds).

I guess the LDAP connection from NAM console is not kept active but it only goes online when there is a need for authentication, and the connection stays active for a certain amount of time (but I don't know how long it is). I have not been able to find a document from Dynatrace regarding this matter.

Is this an expected behavior? Is my understanding of "active/inactive LDAP connection" correct?





In my experience that's not normal. Login via a local account or LDAP account takes the same time. I have seen this issue with other applications and its usually one of two things - your domain controller is too far away from the NAM console or your LDAP query may not be formatted well and its taking time to find user or group ID's in LDAP.

Thanks Mike for the answer. I will try to use another DC server to see if it is better.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I've had success unchecking the box to follow referrals on the ldap advanced ldap attributes page. This may speed up login response as well.