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License doesn't Covered the decode of 'Generic' and 'Generic(with transaction)'

Anyone has any idea why is this so? or I am wrong in assuming that these two decodes comes for free with whatever DCRUM license? (no matter how cheap or how expensive the license is)

Any input is greatly appreciated.

-Wai Keat



I thought the same or at least I thought it came with the 'Enterprise' part of the license which included those you mentioned plus things like DNS, LDAP, Active Directory, etc.

Hi Wai C. Are all your (AMD) devices licensed?

Have a look at your CAS status (12.4: http://<your-cas-ip>/modulestatus)
And check your license.xml file. (Do you use off line license file or the new on-line system?)

If you feel your licenses are not in line with your entitlement, contact the License Management team of Dynatrace.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


This is clearly a license issue. Either the license file is incorrect or there's some bug in there. Both Generic decodes come included with every AMD/CAS. Please open a Support call and ask for help addressing it.

Best regards