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Link Utilization Show Zero, while other Network Metric still shows data

All other network data like RTT, Network Time, Loss rate, Bandwidth are still available, just that link utilizations show zero (as shown in the screenshot)

All components of DCRUM are of version 12.4.7, am all sites configuration in the RUM Console has the UDL checkbox ticked and defined.

Also, another question I would like to ask about (that might also related to this, for now) is that, what does it mean when the UDL is ticked but has the link speed set to '-1'bps instead of inputting the actual speed of the link? There is another client site where we go-in in the middle and so, only provide consultancy service thus far instead of do the deployment as well (hence, the '-1'bps was done by some other people before us). As this client site also seems to has this problem since yesterday, I'm really curious and wonder would the answer to this question would help me to troubleshoot further.



Hey Wai,

I'm not sure about your UDL question, but 0% link utilization is not surprising. Looking at your top contributors, your bandwidth looks to be only a couple MBPS. If you're using 10GB NICs, the percentage may appear to be 0 because they're barely touching their max capacity.


Hi Brett,

As far as I know, there is no upgrade of the infrastructure or anything like that in the past few months, and neither have we upgrade the hardware spec for our monitoring solution. Anyway, let me double check again with the clients to see if they've carried out any upgrade exercise previously.


Hey Wai,

I'm not sure why you brought up upgrades - I didn't mention any in my comments. I would verify the speed of the NIC, which you can do inside DC RUM. First, go to the menu, diagnostics, AMD statistics.

Then, change your tab to Interface utilization and you'll see your NIC speeds.


Thanks Brett, I would do that verification later.

As for upgrade, what I mean is the upgrade of their network appliances, or anything like upgrade their bandwidth, NIC card etc.

Thanks for the comment.



Try adding the dimensions: 'link speed incoming' & 'link speed outgoing'. DC RUM uses those values to determine the utilisation. If it is picking up an incorrect value, you should see it there. Then if it is a UDL connection, you'd have to adjust that in the sites definition. If it is grabbing it from an SNMP connection, you'd have to check the value DC RUM is being passed from that device as DC RUM would only be polling for that info, so it would exist on the device itself.

Hi all,

I zoom into only one of the sites which previously always has quite high amount of traffic after I added the dimensions: 'link speed incoming' & 'link speed outgoing', the 4Mbps speed is the correct value (I also double-confirm it in RUM Console -> Sites Configuration).

Correct me if I am wrong, but the math here should be as straightforward as : incoming link utilization equals to incoming bandwidth divided by defined incoming link speed. If that is the case, then in this screenshot attached the utilization at 11.15am shouldn't be close to zero, even if incoming loss rate is part of the math.


Wai Keat

Also, I've pulled out the information on NIC and AMD Interface, there seems to be no problem here too. The close-to-1Gbps traffic exist only before office hour, not during office hour.