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Log Full Query in AMD Configuration


Hi guys,

I wanted to see full queries with no aggregation. How can I do that? Current config is set to Mask Normalization, which is not what I want.

"Note that, although only unique, normalized queries will be reported, the whole query with unmasked literals will still be recorded if the option Log Full Queries was set in the database monitoring global settings."

I found this in document, but cant find the option "Log Full Queries".

Appreciate everyone's help, thanks in advance.





Hello @Woon Jia J.

Full queries are reported in the ADS but not in the CAS. When you select full query reporting, you see queries in the form in which they were detected in the network traffic; query normalization rules do not influence the reported strings. If queries contain classified information, you can use masking to prevent certain strings from being reported.

Have a look on the below link for more insight.



@Babar Q. Thanks for the clarification.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Just a bit of clarification: documentation pages need an update, which we will do. Options for Log SQL statements and Report full queries are not relevant anymore in version 17 and 18 (the former has been removed from the product years ago and the latter is not available anymore since release 17 - ADS reports long query statements, but masked/processed according to the settings, there is no way to get to the raw query data anymore - security precautions).

@Kris Z. Thanks for the clarification. @Danh Nguyen M. FYI.