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Looking for additional information on MS SCOM integration improvements with 12.4


With 12.3, I was under the impression that the only type of integration available to pass
alerts from/to Dynatrace and MS SCOM is through the use of SNMP trap
notation. I am hoping for a more gui type of user interface to
configure and manage the integration within DC RUM. I attempted to look through the DC
12.4 documentation and could not find detailed information on whether this has
changed. Can someone provide a link or additional information?

thank you in advance for any assistance,


Jim Francione


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Jim, the MS SCOM integration is achieved through scripting alerts to pass events to Windows Event Log, from where SCOM can pick them up through its own monitoring alerts. See Alert Scripting and Creating Windows Event Log event using PowerShell script. Hope this helps.