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Looking for command which list all the URL's learned by AMD (not in Rum Console)


I am looking for a command for AMD which should list out all the URL's Learned by AMD.

Client is especially looking for the Urls list in command prompt only


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


There is no built-in command like it was in AMD Classic, but you can workaround if by listing latest jdata data file on the AMD.

Take a look at AMD data files description:

jdata - These files keeps th current state of 
autolearning mechanism on the AMD - which URLs are already in the space
of members, and which are still candidates. It's used to recover this
information after RTM/AMD restart. Used only by the AMD.

So if you execute:

ls -t /var/spool/adlex/rtm/jdata_*_`ls -t /var/spool/adlex/rtm/jdata_global* | head -n1 | cut -d_ -f3`_*_h | xargs grep -h M

you will get the list of all learned URLs that will be reported in CAS in latest 5 minute interval.