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MS MQ analyzer support?



I was wondering if anyone had any experience trying to monitor MS MQ?

From what I can tell from the MS pages:

the sessions should come through as some form of structure HTTP/HTTPS.

If this is the case, I would assume we could use the HTTP decode or am I better off trying the XML over MQ decode?

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Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

HTTP is just one form through which MSMQ messages may be delivered. More efficient is the native transport TCP/1801 and to my knowledge it is used more often.

Please note that even if transport is HTTP and HTTP decode were used, it is very likely that the message would be encrypted, so we won't be able to determine what kind of transaction it supports.

Another challenge would be to correlate multiple messages into a single transaction. This could theoretically be possible if messages were not encrypted, but might require significant custom handling.

Long story short, for the in-depth transactional and app dependency visibility the Dynatrace agents may deliver faster and more in-depth results, while DC RUM would still be a source of the connection availability and network delays measurements when transport protocol used by MSMQ messages is either TCP or HTTP (for UDP we can only measure network usage).