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Maintenance Window for Monitored Application in DCRUM


I trying to figure out use a maintenance window in my Total Availability Report (DMI). I need to exclude Sundays from Midnight to 3:00 AM.

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Dynatrace Pro


Have you reviewed the business hours configuration?

This allows you isolate business from non-business hours. Baselines only use business hours for their calculation and some performance metrics are not calculated during non-business hours.

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@Jason O.

Thanks. I've seen this document before. The issue we are having is that many of our applications are mission critical. Therefore, the business hours would be 24x7. However, there is a maintenance window once a month for an hour or two (sometimes longer depending?). I need to remove these two hours from our Total Availability report. Meanwhile, other applications have maintenance windows each week, etc... If I could edit the SQL code within DMI (export/edit/import) I could manually modify it for the results I require.

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Hi @Genesius J.,
this is a long sought feature to have "exception or maintenance calendar" implemented in DC RUM. Ideally, it'd be on a per software service/application basis. You're right that business hours for some apps are 24x7 and it makes no sense to use the business hours configuration.
I suggest that you post your request as an idea (or maybe check whether it's already been posted) and I'll vote for it, as well.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that we plan to introduce business calendar per application or per software service in the upcoming DC RUM 2018 release. It will contain both recurring and once-off activity and inactivity periods. A dedicated data view will show when given application was active, while a number of metrics will be available in the "business hours" mode, i.e., aggregates over longer period of time when application was within and outside business hours will take into account only measurements from business hours period. With the aforementioned dedicated data view users will be able to also disable alerts during inactivity periods.

Thanks @Sebastian K.

Please keep me posted of when 2018 will be released.

Thanks and God bless,


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

You can also give try this workaround mentioned in this knowledgebase article.