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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Meet the Technical Communication team!

Community Team
Community Team

From left to right: Peter, Malcolm, and Jarek

word always belongs to them.
Responsible for DC RUM documentation, currency information, warnings, messages,
labeling, and overall information architecture in the product.

guys! How long have you been at Dynatrace?

average is 9 years

which Dynatrace products are you involved?

We’re all involved in DC RUM and all its
flavors. We all had different paths leading us to this team. We documented and
even tested products like Vantage Service Check (what?), DNA, Enterprise
Synthetic and other long forgotten APM tools.

your work only about the documentation?

We also work on UX writing, that is editing and
creating microcopy you read in the product UI. We sometimes provide linguistic
services to the teams outside R&D, such as administration and HR. One of us
is the patent coordinator for the Gdansk lab, which means working with
inventors on filing patent applications to USPTO. We
work closely with Support, literally we’re neighbors. Sometimes we even manage
support tickets ourselves.

has the DC RUM documentation evolved since you’ve been here?

We’ve gone through a number of conversions and
changes in our tooling, but going into details would
probably make you sleepy. What really made a
big difference for us was going online and changing our
state of mind from book writers to DocOps 😉 We now create much more content
in between the releases and it’s because of your feedback expressed directly,
in the forums, support tickets, or comments
right under the articles.

keeps you at Dynatrace?

People, people, and people. There’s
also the culture, trust, daily fruit supply
, and a great office location. Did we mention people?

is your passion outside of work? What do you like to do?

Jarek: I’m bike-rider,
bike-builder, bike everything generally. And I take photos of boring stuff
trying to make it interesting. And I’m also a streetart tour guide in Gdansk.

Malcolm: I read and write
poetry, ride my bike, mess about in the garden, and raise my son.

Peter: I am an off-road and
hockey enthusiast, I work on my Jeep (YJ) and drive it into places that I can’t
get out of. I’m a fan of Sci-Fi books and movies. Oh yeah… and I take photos
too (mostly blurry shots of the night sky, but I call it art). 😉

should people participate in the Dynatrace Community?

it’s awesome and no questions are left unanswered.

the Community help you in your daily work?

Compared to our work before the community,
I find
it difficult to believe we could work without it. And I mean all aspects of
information development: research, access to information, ease of editing,
instant fixes, content management.

are the near- and long-term plans for the DC RUM documentation?

The long-term plan is easy – to make it brief, to the
point, friendly and helpful. In the short-term perspective, you can expect a huge step in
that direction this year. New format and architecture, lighter tone and voice,
improved searchability and readibility, more examples, fewer words but more help. Hope you’ll like it.

Thank you!

From left to right: Malcolm, Peter, and Jarek

Keep calm and build Community!


Can't wait to meet you all in person in two weeks!

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Vantage Service Check - yeah, that was a great chunk of my history in the Company! I though nobody remembers it anymore...

How can you forget it? B-AMD, NDA and the Service Check client 🙂

To say nothing of the SI 🙂