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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Microsoft SQL Client Access License (CAL)



I have a prospect interested in DC RUM/Synthetic, but Microsoft SQL is a big trouble for them.

They are asking me how many Client Access Licenses (CALs) for MS SQL Server do we need? They claim Microsoft told them that even a PDF report based on SQL database like the CAS would need a Client Access License for every person receiving that PDF report. At this prospect we are talking about thousands of people who could potentially consume the CAS data in one form or another.

I know the documentation recommends 5 Client CALs. So does that mean the CAS/ADS/RUM Console are each considered to be one Client CAL when they connect to the SQL database? This piece of documentation seems to imply that:

Do I interpret this right?

Does anyone have any experience with licensing tricks for MS SQL for CAS/ADS/etc.?

I found this question on this topic that came up before, but it is not answered (yet).





Hi Jiri,

I believe that your assumption that CAS/ADS/RUM Console (and CSS) are considered to be one Client CAL each is true. Therefore, you don't need to have one CAL for each CAS users that you setup (pls correct me if I'm wrong).

Usually the trick is to have 5 client CAL and depending on your setup probably one or two device CALs. you can refer to the quote below from the documentation

"In addition to User CALs, Microsoft defines Device Client Access Licenses. A Device CAL is required for any machine outside of the MS SQL Server that accesses the database:

  • If CAS and ADS are installed on the same machine and Microsoft SQL on another machine, you need one Device CAL.
  • If the Microsoft SQL database resides on a machine other than the CAS or ADS machine, you need one Device CAL for CAS and one for ADS.
  • If Microsoft SQL Server resides on the CAS or ADS machine, there is no need for a Device CAL."

Hope that helps,


Based Microsoft own licencing guideline you would need own CAL for every user or device accessing the CAS server. I'm also little bit unsure how the licensing model works with the SQL Server but based on the quide we would need licence for every CAS, ADS or EP portal user or per-core basis license.

Similarly,SQL Server CALs are required for users or devices that input data into, query, or view data from a SQL Server database through a pooling device. This includes users who view data through web-based applications or enter information into a database through an intermediary product. (Note: Customers can also license SQL Server on a per-core basis, thus negating any need for SQL Server CALs.)