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Mis-alignment of Custom DMI Report

This happened to me a long time ago too (that time was using 12.3). This misalignment appears to only affect those custom report created from scratch.

As shown in report layout, there are these 6 tables under the chart, the report should displayed in such a way that I don't need to scroll left and right (only scroll up and down, which is what I expected).

It turns out to be anything but. I try to open this custom DMI report using other browser, doesn't work either.

What I've observed so far:

1. Check the 'shrunk layout' box in report layout: nothing change

2. Turn off the result sorting in all the 6 tables: nothing change

3. Remove the table and only left charts in the Report (I've try this in my previous encounter with this....bug) : alignment back to normal

So what am I missing here?

The 3 tables are really useful for me to make a comparison or get a overview at a glance, so it would be way better if I can have a glimpse of all 3 table side-by-side without scrolling left and right.


Looking at the 3 tables it seems like something is pushing the report wider. It could be one of the charts above (what is the width that you have set there?) or a one of the full-page-width tables (?) below - maybe there are too many columns?

Please contact me directly or via Support - it might help if I look at the definition of the report and the PDF export.


All the chart has its width set to 'fit to screen' by checking that option in chart settings.

Attached is the screenshot of the whole report by zooming out until I can see all 3 table together, noticed that all the charts has a blank space in the left and right, which I don't understand why is that.

This report normally takes 3 seconds to load, and actually in the first 2 seconds, the blank space is not there, after the report is almost completely loaded (around the third seconds or so), the blank space comes in.


thanks for reaching out to me offline. I was able to identify the cause of the problem you have. It is not a bug in the DMI rendering. DMI behaves as expected. The problem is that there is too much information being rendered in the 3 tables and it causes the web browser to push the width of the report to fit their required size.

There are 3 ways that can fix that in your report:

  • Don’t put too much columns to be visible at once - in your report I have hidden all but 1-2 most important ones and moved the rest of the information to the tooltip
  • In very small tables - it is worth to use the SIMPLE filtering and/or paging style, as using FULL style will order web browser to keep minimal required width for each component to make sure those controls don’t overlap. I have changed all your tables.
  • You can tell (or force) certain columns to wrap - this will also make your columns smaller.

I have uploaded your report to our demo site so that it would show our test data. As you can see below it fits the minimal screen width recommended for DC RUM, i.e., 1366px.

In 2017 we have improved how charts are rendered in the way that they will always try to fit to all available report width. It would solve your problem, i.e., you will not see empty spaces around charts, but the overall usability of the report will not be improved anyway - because now not only tables but also charts will go way beyond the screen limits:

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks a lot for the help, I can now see that tables and the chart are now of the same width (no more white space on the both side of charts) and all are fit to the browser screen.

However, I notice that each individual table doesn't has the word wrap equally.

So just to make sure we are on the same page, when you talk about the expected improvement in 2017, it means all the table will have all the columns wrapped and that the tables will fit into the screen (as long as there aren't too many columns), is that correct?

Also on a sidenote, what I expect is actually that no matter how many columns I added, all the columns will wrap, and I don't mind the report has a very very long length for me to scroll up and down, what I care the most in this report is I don't need to scroll left and right. Is there any way to do this?

The content of the tables is wrapped based on what you have specified in the custom attributes per each column and how web browser decides to layout the table. We did some experiments in the past and trying to force web browsers to always obey some rules in controlling column widths, but in such generic tables as we have in DMI, it always backfired, one way or the other.

In the example you provided we have already requested the web browser to split the page equally between 3 columns, but because it doesn't know how to wrap Operation names (they don't contain spaces) in the "Show Op sorted by App perf" the left column is already wider than 33% of the screen.

You can, however, force web browser to wrap text even without spaces using custom attributes: