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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Monitor JD Edwards ERP

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide


I'm looking for DCRUM customers monitoring JD Edwards (aka EnterpriseOne) ERP that can be name dropped during a customer meeting.

Further JD Edwards uses a middleware called JDENet. Did anyone try to monitor this layer with DCRUM and can let me know how to set up the software service ?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Yes I've done it and you will have several challenges:

In my case the ERP the web interfaces has been deployed over WAS.

- The enterprise server can only be monitored by the generic or you launch a universal decode development.

- You will need to capture several parameters from the web site, to identify the real action that are being executed, if not you will not be able to see which transaction are being executed. In my memory: applicationId, formid and formoid. Even with this some times is not ease to determinate the transactions (multi-step)

- If the customer use the batch to precaclaculates some data, and you want to see them, you need to take the maximum level of detail on tha database, only place you will see something.

The customer is working and getting value from the solution, but it has been taught to get the business unit definition as well the operation identification

Hi David,

It has been a while ... were you able to use other decodes (other than generic or UD) to monitor the JD Edwards ERP environment. If you have any capture files (front-end , back-end) or ppt's to share please send them to




I'm in the process of configuring DC RUM and AppMon to monitor our JDE environments. It's not easy and the visibility is limited, but we are getting good info from AppMon about the Web tier and from DC RUM for the database tier. We aren't monitoring the JDENET stuff yet - I should be getting the network spans for those next week.


If someone can share any knowlodege about JDE and AppMon it would be very helpfull.
I am trying to instrument JDE with appMon, but so far it is seen as a "black box" by the customer.