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Monitored URL Issue


I'm trying to created two new monitored URLs that have unique values in the Post data. The value of the first one is "eventsource=normalcreatecheckwizard:finish_act" and the value of the second one is "eventsource=normalcreatecheckwizard:next_act". I am using the "Start" Parameter match setting but as best I can tell Compuware is having an issue with the Colon because it does not match.

If I drop the ":finish_act" and the "next_act" I can get them to report correctly but of course as a single URL. I also tried the "End" parameter match but this is not unique enough as I have other URLs that end in either ":finish_act" or "next_act".

What's interesting, if I use the "Start Expanded" parameter with "eventsource=", both of these URLs get reported including the colons, so I don't understand why the colon is being ignored in a simple start parameter.  How do I code this so the colon can be a part of parameter.  




Seems like no one has any idea. Better log a ticket.

Please if you come up with a solution - post it here.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

might be something you need to do with a regex, possibly using a single . in the regex to match the : rather than trying to match the : directly.

I'm personally not aware of any reason the : would not be matched, though it is possible the : is recognized as a parameter separator by the simple start recognizer.

-- Erik