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Monitored URL Question


I'm trying to created two new monitored URLs that have unique values in the Post data. The value of the first one is "eventsource=normalcreatecheckwizard:finish_act" and the value of the second one is "eventsource=normalcreatecheckwizard:next_act". I am using the "Start" Parameter match setting but as best I can tell Compuware is having an issue with the Colon because it does not match.

If I drop the ":finish_act" and the "next_act" I can get them to report correctly but of course as a single URL. I also tried the "End" parameter match but this is not unique enough as I have other URLs that end in either ":finish_act" or "next_act". 

What I find interesting, if I use the Start Expanded parameter with "eventsource=", both of these URLs get reported separately with the full URL including the colon.  I do not want to stay in expanded mode so I need a way get around the colon issue.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


What do you mean by: as a single URL. It's: or just


Could you please show us the configuration of this parameter monitoring?




I could not find a way to attach a document to an existing post, so I'm opening a new one and attaching screen prints of the configuration.  For now I had to settle on dropping the values to the right of the colon, which means the two different functions are being reported as one.

Zurich URL Issue.docx

OK, so we need to see what are the values of separators on SS and global level.

Please go to RUM Console and navigate to: AMD -> Open configuration and then:

  • Global -> Front end -> Web -> HTTP -> Recognition and Parsing ..
  • open Software Service in question -> Recognition and Parsing ..

and find out if the colon is specified in any of these settings.

If it's present try to remove it, otherwise colon then it should be treated literally and be the part of the definition. In such case we will ask you to open a support ticket.


In case of problems with attaching files we usually go one level up to the list of threads and add attachments via:  Tools -> Attachments. then getting back to our thread and inserting the attachment by "+" button that gives and ability to search for attached file and re-use it.



I attached a screen print of the Global -> Front end -> Web -> HTTP -> Recognition and Parsing screen.  But there is NOT a colon in the list.


... and I guess that Software Service part of this configuration inherits this setting from globals.

Then I need to ask you to open support ticket for this.

Please enable header data for this Software Service, wait ~30 minutes and grab with data files and attach it to the ticket.