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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Monitoring Citrix with a virtual AMD


We are attempting to do a POC to capture citrix traffic (virtual desktops in this POC)  using a locally install vAMD.  We are are seeing traffic for other VMs on the host, but no citrix traffic.  Has anyone used a virtual AMD to capture and monitor citrix?  I do not have full access to the vCenter so my view is limited, so I need to work w/ another team to make any needed changes.



Hello Eric,

we had something like the same Problem at a customer Project.

We configured everything like described in the guide but we don't see any traffic for These Servers.

At the end a guy from the "Network" Team gaves us the hint: the VLAN ID in the port Setup (for the promiscous Network port) was wrong. We Need to put in the VLAN ID from the VLAN of the Citrix Servers and not the one provided in the guide!

Try to reconfigure the VLAN ID.

Best regards,

Part of our issue is also that the servers are XenDesktop, not XenApp servers, so we dont have same exposure as we do w/ XenApp servers.  We did start to see Client<->Virtual Desktop iCA traffic, it seems they were not using the desktops on the same host we had the vAMD installed.  I will suggest a possible VLAN change as well and see what i receive back.  Thanks.