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Monitoring DCRUM services and zdata files


1. Can we monitor if the DCRUM services are running on the device (AMD) or not?
2. Can we check to make sure the zdata files are still getting created?

We can do these manually. But, is there a solution for above problems using DMI report?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


1) The CAS will detect whether or not the AMD is connected. If the services running on the AMD stop for whatever reason, the CAS will not be able to communicate with the AMD. It will notify you that it is not able to connect to a data source. There are also pre-defined alerts that can notify you of any issues with the AMD.

2) If data files are not being created you will see a delay in processing as the CAS has nothing to process. This too will notify you and alert if the alert is enabled.

You can also create a DMI report to look at processing time of zdata file. I would suspect that if the AMD loses connection or stops creating data files the report would reflect that. However the internal CAS diagnostics will alert/notify you before the report can display the issue.


The Processing status report can show whether all of the zdata files have been processed by the CAS, and can be modified to provide even further information. You can find it under the Tools menu -> Diagnostics -> Processing Status. The System Status report (also under the same Diagnostics menu) has a line with a summary of the percentage completeness of processing files, along with which AMDs had file problems.

If you've got an environment with 2 or more AMD's, the CAS won't stop processing data if at least one AMD is available to provide files. This means that it is possible to lose data, as the CAS won't 'go back in time' to process data from AMDs monitoring different parts of the network. If there's an AMD that's absolutely critical to your organisation (e.g. the one located in your main data centre), it's possible to designate this as a "Priority data source" when assigning it to a CAS or cluster of CASs. If this AMD is unavailable, the CAS will pause processing.