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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Monitoring of HP Service Manager with HTTP-Analyzer (Transactions)


Hello Community,


I want to Monitore the SOAP-Action-Communication of the HP Service Manager with the HTTP-Analyzer. For example: If you create a new Incident, or update an incident, the HP Service Manager send SOAPActions. I haven´t any Problems to Monitore the SOAP-Actions as Parameters in the Header of the transmitted HTTP. My Problem is, to create Transactions, with this SOAPActions, in the Business Units of the CAS. We also created trace files with Wireshark, but I only see some General SOAPActions like "execute" or "getData" or something else.

Has anybody already made experiences with the monitoring of these HP Service Manager SOAPActions? Are there transmitted any other parameters, which provide informations about the Transaction (e.g. Create or Update)?


Best Regards



Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Hi Michael,

Have you tried the XML (over HTTP/S) analyzer or the SOAP analyzer? Those ones provide a lot more configuration options for this sort of actions. The SOAP analyzer is more or less zero-configuration and the XML one offers more customization. Both of those are included in the XML license.



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Hi Michael

We don't have generic hints for setting up the HP Service Manager monitoring.  As Jari pointed out in the last comment  - the SOAP/XML (over HTTP) analyzer would be preferable here. For the first step you can take a look at the traffic using Guided Configuration and choosing SOAP.

If you think that additional assistance from our side would be handy, please feel free and raise the support ticket.




thank you for your answers. Temporarily we use the SOAP/XML (over HTTP) analyzer. I see that this analyzer only use the operations with the "HTTP/XML" - Protocol. The Problem is, that many SOAP Actions transmitted via the "HTTP" - Protocol. Is there a way to Monitore this operations too? Any Settings or something else?





As far as I'm aware SOAP is just XML but structured in a way to comply with some rules, but it's still XML. You can analyze SOAP@HTTP traffic with SOAP@HTTP or XML@HTTP, you will only need to manually define operations that SOAP@HTTP analyzer is able to figure out on his own. So I believe that both portion of your traffic can be analyzed with DCRUM.

If you're able to share a TCP trace do so in here, otherwise please open support call so we can investigate if "privately".