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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

More Operations After Setting Up URL Monitoring

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


In this environment there was an extended period of time where there were not any URL's set up to be monitored for each software service in the Rum Console. After adding a URL as a Static URL Part we noticed that there was an increase of these operations in those software services.

I understand that with auto URL learning there is a pool of learned URLs so I would expect that manually adding these URL's would shouldn't have a different effect than if these were already included in this pool.

We are seeing 2-3 times as many operations for this specific URL in reports after this URL was manually added. Should this behavior be expected?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


It's very likely due to content types. By default we URL Learning monitors only pages with text/html content type.

To monitor other content types you should either
add these non-default content types or add page to monitored statically - regardless of its activity and content type.

Thanks Adam,

I was able to change settings to only monitor text/html contents for this rule. This may have helped however we are still seeing a much higher value here than expected when compared to a value where this URL is not manually set up. Removing this rule will immediately reduce the number of requests for the next monitoring interval.

is there something I may have overlooked?


Is it a regex or static monitoring rule?

Where do you see the increase? In Operations metric?

We have set it up as a static rule. The increase is visible in operations, http hits, and also the number of client and server packets when filtering a report based on this URL.

The auto learning for this Software Service is set to global values or custom?

And what is the version?

Yes, we are using the default global values for these software services. The version number we are currently using is 12.3.4

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

When adding the url we didn't change the default (active) content type. The URL was statically (not a regex) added to url monitoring. There are a lot of urls being monitored in this environment. The URL was only reported before as a function of it being auto-learned. When adding a URL to the URL monitoring page, every instance of the url - all the time, will be reported. Could the auto-learning, aging function have caused some of the instances of the URL to not be reported? Maybe.

By adding the URL, a new "normal" may have been set and all instances of the URL are now being reported, as opposed to only auto-learned (for the day, or intervals throughout the day) being reported.

Maybe someone from dev can comment on what may have happened. More specifics of auto-learning/aging may be needed to determine the increase in operations for the specific url that was added to url monitoring.